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Dave vonKleist - The Albums



Will Someone Listen?

Will Someone Listen?

Interview with Daniel New

A Patch of Green in a Sea of Blue (The Ballad of Michael New)

Generated, Fabricated, Perpetrated Hate


You Won't Be Trusted... ANYMORE!

On My Way

Interview with Joyce Riley R.N., B.S.N.

Where Are the Voices That Care?


Final Assessment



Music to Die For

Are We Freer (In America Today)?

Call His Name

Terri's Fight

OK Can You See Me

Modern American

C'mon America

Cold Dead Hands


Land Of The Free

Who Would Jesus Bomb

Shirley Allen

Not Me

Yashua The Savior

Are We Freer (Radio Cut)



Forever Vigilant

Show Me the Law

Don't Look Away

Keyboards – Mike Vyrosdyk

Sum Is Greater Than It's Parts

Another Day, a Cloudless Sky

Versailles, MO

Let's Drag 'em Down

Addicted to War

Whay About my Privacy?

What Did You Know?

Gott'a Wake Up

Forever Vigilant

Dave vonKleist - The Bumpers

Bumpers are pieces of music used as a transition either in to, or from, a commercial break during a radio show.

During his many years of broadcasting, Dave vonKleist always tried to provide something new, topical and humorous mainly due to the serious nature of the topics being discussed.

Dave vonKleist took Karaoke discs, often during commercial breaks, and compiled new lyrics impersonating the voices of George W. Bush and others, including Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney and George Bush Snr.

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