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Dave vonKleist has the voice and talent necessary to cover a wide range of musical and voice over requirements.

His first love is performing as a solo act as a guitarist and vocalist entertaining crowds with his repertoire of pop and rock covers and occasionally some of his own material. 

Dave vonKleist also accepts and records scripts for projects that require a male voice with a neutral North American accent. He can lend himself to scripts that require the creation of character voices or impersonation of well known personalities.

Voice Talent

Dave vonKleist is specifically a voice talent with over forty years of experience.

Having been a radio and television announcer, recording artist, singer, narrator, freelance voice-over and character voice expert, talk-show host and MC for many public events, his versatility in vocal work and the entertainment industry lends itself to a wide range of needs when it comes to recording male voices.

He has the necessary equipment to professionally record audio tracks and convert them to required formats. To find out if Dave can help with your project go to the contact page.


Dave vonKleist is first and foremost a soloist guitar player and singer.

His wide repertoire pleases audiences who enjoy listening to cover versions of well known American and British singers and bands.

On a typical gig, expect to hear covers of songs originally recorded by Billy Joel, The Beatles, Willy Nelson, James Taylor and many others.

Dave has a special talent of reacting to and interacting with his audience to make sure everyone has a great time. To book him for your event go to the contact page.

Lyricist & Composer

Dave vonKleist's latest venture is his involvement with Denny Bee Productions in Whitefish MT

Dave holds the position of creative director where he gets to do what he does best...be creative.

Writing lyrics and composing catchy jingles for radio commercials, Dave is in creative heaven.

For more information on how Dave can help you create the perfect jingle for your advertising requirements send a request from the contact page.