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Forever Vigilant 7 31 2020
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Dave vonKleist - 50 Years of Music & Broadcasting


The Beginning


Dave vonKleist became a professional musician at the tender age of nineteen with a folk-rock band, (Dandelion Wine, produced by Richie Havens)
Playing guitar, singing and entertaining people who appreciated his gifts was like a drug that only strengthened his resolve to make the audience feel as good listening to my performance as good as he felt performing for them.



The All Dave Band


Dave vonKleist was Beat Boxing since before Beat Boxers were born.
The “Baheebadoba” was the first tune, done in 1979 as an experiment. After being encouraged to record enough music to “Take the show on the road another 10 songs were recorded.
Unfortunately the act didn't pan out and was abandoned.
Five years later Bobby McFarrin did the exact same thing with "Don't worry, be happy".


1980's -2009

Radio Talk Show Host


Dave vonKleist began to become aware and take interest in world affairs.
He continued as a teacher, musician and announcer while taking courses in history, psychology and political science at Central Connecticut Community College.
​ His most well known role in radio is as a talk show host of “The Power Hour”, 3 hr morning drive program, mixing comedy and music with topical issues and politics.


1996 -2006

The Albums


Dave vonKleist directed his musical efforts towards writing and recording music that informs, educates and inspires people to take an interest in the world events that shape our lives.
In other words his albums are a collection of original politically incorrect, in-your-face, you lying SOB government music in the country/classic rock/folk style and spirit of the ’60s and ’70s.



40 Years Later


At this point in his life with 10 years of radio broadcasting, 3 albums and 2 documentaries behind him Dave vonKleist was at a crossroads.
The path he chose took him to Argentina where he spent 6 years teaching conversational English and rediscovering his musical roots.


And Now

Whitefish MT


Now back in the states, Dave is playing and singing again, and works independently doing voiceovers, narrations and jingles.



Dave von Kleist


Dave vonKleist is first and foremost a soloist guitar player and singer.

His wide repertoire pleases audiences who enjoy listening to cover versions of well known American and British singers and bands.

On a typical gig, expect to hear covers of songs originally recorded by Billy Joel, The Beatles, Willy Nelson, James Taylor and many others.

Dave has a special talent of reacting to and interacting with his audience to make sure everyone has a great time.


"Dave’s music is incredible, his wonderful personality shines and entertains throughout his performance. We look forward to having him back!"

~ Nicole Jemming, The Springs, Whitefish, MT.



Dave vonKleist - The Albums



Will Someone Listen?

  • Will Someone Listen?
  • Interview with Daniel New
  • A Patch of Green in a Sea of Blue (The Ballad of Michael New)
  • Generated, Fabricated, Perpetrated Hate
  • Prevail
  • You Won't Be Trusted... ANYMORE!
  • On My Way
  • Interview with Joyce Riley R.N., B.S.N.
  • Where Are the Voices That Care?
  • Work
  • Final Assessment


Music to Die For

  • Are We Freer (In America Today)?
  • Call His Name
  • Terri's Fight
  • OK Can You See Me
  • Modern American
  • C'mon America
  • Cold Dead Hands
  • Restoration
  • Land Of The Free
  • Who Would Jesus Bomb
  • Shirley Allen
  • Not Me
  • Yashua The Savior
  • Are We Freer (Radio Cut)


Forever Vigilant

  • Show Me the Law
  • Don't Look Away
  • Keyboards – Mike Vyrosdyk
  • Sum Is Greater Than It's Parts
  • Another Day, a Cloudless Sky
  • Versailles, MO
  • Let's Drag 'em Down
  • Addicted to War
  • Whay About my Privacy?
  • What Did You Know?
  • Gott'a Wake Up
  • Forever Vigilant

Dave vonKleist - The Bumpers


Bumpers are pieces of music used as transition either in to, or from, a commercial break during a radio show.

During his many years of broadcasting, Dave vonKleist always tried to provide something new, topical and humorous mainly due to the serious nature of the topics being discussed.

Dave vonKleist took Karaoke discs, often during commercial breaks, and compiled new lyrics impersonating the voices of George W. Bush and others, including Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney and George Bush Snr.


1. Addicted to War

2. Imagine

3. Real News

4. Let's Roll

5. The Plunderer

6. Save the USA

7. Dictator

8. Blow Smoke in Your Eyes

9. My Administration

10. Big Vaccine

11. Skull & Bones

12. We'll be Watching You

13. The Gambler

14. Talkin' 'Bout Assassination

15. We Won't Back Down


"I highly recommend Dave as a musician for any type of event you may be throwing. He is wonderful! "

"Dave VonKleist brings fun energy to his shows and interacts with guests to encourage their enjoyment. He plays some great oldies and hits. We enjoy having him play here."

"I have booked Dave for multiple events at Buffalo Hill Retirement Terrace. He played a mix of songs that were well received by residents and their guests. I recommend his services for a party, special event or concert."

Lauri Morris Life Enrichment Director
Erin Kruger. Sacred Waters Brewing Co.
Hannah Brown Recreational and Wellness Manager


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